Why CleanMax Solar

Our end-to-end solutions, from installation to maintenance, powered by cost effective and streamlined commissioning processes and superior asset management bring the power of solar within your reach.




At CleanMax, we put safety before all other considerations. This includes:
Strict adherence to safety guidelines above & beyond customer requirements
Working consistently with contractors who religiously follow our safety guidelines
Strict adherence to relevant safety & labour laws with 100% accident-free man hours


As a solar developer, our priority is to reduce the lifetime cost of energy, which means ensuring long system life and high long-term performance.
We ensure lifetime performance by:

  • Using only the highest quality components, including Tier 1 modules backed by robust linear degradation warranties,
    and top-tier inverter and other components supplies
  • System design to match the location requirements, including wind speed, corrosion risks, maintenance requirements and other factors
  • In-house engineering, procurement, projects and O&M teams which work together closely on each project design
  • Rigourous shadow analysis to optimize the plant design given shadows from nearby objects throughout the year