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Open access solar power decoded

If you are a corporate consumer of solar power then there are two ways to generate solar power as follows:

  • Onsite solar power plant (which might be on rooftop, ground mount or carport solar installation)
  • Open access solar power (consumption of solar power through the grid)

In this video Andrew Hines – Business development Head, South India of CleanMax Solar decodes the concepts and benefits of open access solar power:

How Open Access Solar Power Works:

  • Power will be generated from one of the state solar farms (typically in a rural area where land is freely available)
  • The Solar Power will be injected into the grid, into an existing sub-station (1st solar farm build by CleanMax Solar is a 66 kVA sub-station)
  • The power will then go through the existing grid infrastructure to large consumers in the state
  • The consumer for power could be a factory, an IT Park, a five-star hotel, a hospital, or anyone who has a minimum contract demand of 1000 kVA.

4 Benefits of Open Access Solar Power System

  • Sustainability: Solar Power being one of the cleanest forms of energy generation, becomes an important motivator for a lot of corporates.
  • Source Upto 100% of Solar Energy: With open access typically, corporates can source a very large fraction of their power through solar. (If you have a rooftop solar plant, typically you won’t have enough roof space to generate enough power to meet majority of your power consumption)
  • Zero Investment: It’s a zero-investment model when you go with a developer like CleanMax Solar. Entire investment of solar power plant is done by us. And there is no upfront cost for the consumers.
  • Reduce Electricity Cost: The tariff of solar power is significantly low than cost of power through electricity

Karnataka’s Pro Bono Solar Policy:

CleanMax Solar commissioned the first solar farm in the state of Karnataka in March 2016, in a place called I.d.halli, which is located about 150 kms from Bangalore. This location is selected partly because it has some of the highest solar radiation in the state of Karnataka.

Karnataka’s solar policy, which came out in 2014, is the most favorable solar policy for open access power in India because the policy gives 10 year exemption for all grid charges on open access solar power. So, it waives all transmission charges, wheeling charges, banking charges. It even waives cross-subsidy surcharge, which is normally levied on any kind of third-party sourcing of open access power. It also means that corporates can enter into simple third-party Power Purchase Agreements or PPAs for Power without any kind of shareholding in SPV, or any kind of shareholding requirement at all.

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