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Third Party (Open Access)

As we have experienced in our years of serving our clients, most corporates today strive to source as much of their power as possible from renewable sources, particularly because of global commitments like RE100 gaining traction. While rooftop or onsite solar is a great way to get started, many of our clients don’t always have sufficient space at their facilities to supply the bulk of their power, let alone 100% of it.

Grid-connected or ‘Open Access’ solar power addresses this problem by providing large-scale power through the grid, up to 100% of our clients’ needs. For instance, Adobe India, one of our open access clients, sources 100% of its power requirement for its Bangalore facility from our solar farms in Karnataka.

For a business, sourcing of renewable energy achieves the dual goals of substantial savings on electricity as well as making large strides towards 100% sourcing of renewable power. Open access solar power is a popular power generation option that gives enterprises like yours an opportunity to meet all your electricity needs at tariffs lower than prevailing grid tariff electricity rates.

This is how Third Party (Open Access) works:

At CleanMax Solar, we can meet all your business’ electricity needs by supplying you solar power from our off-site private solar farms across India. Open access power tariffs are much cheaper than grid tariffs. Moreover, this model does away with the limitation of onsite solar installation as it is a scalable option which is not constrained by availability of space at your facility. With open access power, you begin to enjoy affordable solar electricity from day one.

There are many reasons businesses such as yours are considering renewable power over previous fossil fuel-based models. For industrial and commercial consumers, open access power translates into regular electricity supply at a lower cost, while also helping reduce their carbon footprint.


Zero upfront investment

Since this is an energy sale model, there is no upfront investment required from the consumer.

Guaranteed savings on electricity

Electricity purchased from CleanMax Solar will be at a tariff much lower than grid tariffs, resulting in energy cost savings on every unit provided.

A risk-free solution

With zero investment and upkeep responsibility, this is a capex-free, hassle-free and risk-free solution.

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