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Ground Mount

At CleanMax Solar, we have simplified solar energy to make it more accessible to businesses and industries like yours that are looking to minimize their energy consumption while also reducing their carbon footprint. Our customized onsite solar installations can be rooftop mounted or ground mount solar systems, depending on the feasibility and availability of the installation site.

We offer you turnkey solar solutions, right from designing and installation to maintenance, leaving you free to focus on your core business. All that is required is access to your unused land, and we’ll do the rest.

However, before you commission a ground mount solar solution, there are a few feasibility checks that you need to carry out. You can conduct these yourself or we can send our expert to check the lay of the land.

Location: Is the photovoltaic plant close to the power evacuation point?
Access: Do you have easy access to the land?
Evenness: Is the ground reasonably level, for perfect installation?
Permits and restrictions: Do you have all the permits and have you checked for zonal restrictions?
Security: Is the land area secure enough to minimize the risk of theft or vandalism?

Engineers at CleanMax Solar will evaluate the location of your ground mount solar system installation thoroughly before recommending a customized solution. We will come up with high-quality solution that will fulfil your requirements while meeting safety and regulatory compliances.

Whether you are looking to install a ground mount solar or rooftop solar solutions, conditions in India are ideal for low-cost and high-efficiency solar generation. And at CleanMax Solar, we are committed to offering you the best onsite solar solution for your needs.

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