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Striving for excellence, we have completed over 200+ projects across 20+ industries pan India. With our vast experience, we have simplified the process of going solar. Sustainable energy solutions are within easy reach when you partner with us.

Across all projects, our installation team focuses on making safety a top priority. We ensure that O&M functions seamlessly with an extremely process-oriented approach. Our expertise is unparalleled, which is why we are India’s #1 solar energy developer.

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"The plant has performed beyond expectations.."
Mr. Chandrashekhar Lohani
Alkem Laboratories Limited, Mandava, Gujarat - Associate Vice President, Operations  - SEE VIDEO TESTIMONIAL HERE.
CleanMax is a company which understands project management philosophy very well
Mr. Suhas Baxi
Managing director,Konecranes India  - SEE VIDEO TESTIMONIAL HERE.


NIT, Karnataka: The Largest Solar Plant for a Government Academic Institute in Karnataka

NIT Karnataka, the half century old premier educational institution, has always been keen to promote sustainable practices in their efforts to build a green legacy. Carrying on the initiative. the institution inked an agreement with CleanMax Solar. India's #1 rooftop solar developer, to set up a 1MW plant on 11 academic, administrative and hostel buildings to cater to 15% of the power requirement at their campus.

The said solar plant is an initiative of the Ministry of Human Resource Development and the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy to implement green technologies on NIT and IIT campuses.

As per the agreement, Team CleanMax Solar has successfully commissioned the plant under a build-own-operate-maintain model. The project has been designed keeping in mind the high wind speeds and saline spray due to the institute's proximity to the sea.

Going forward, the plant will be operated & maintained by CleanMax Solar for the entire contract duration of 25 years.


• Location: Surathkal, Karnataka

• Capacity: 1,000 kWp

• Type of system: Spread across 11 RCC and metal rooftops

• Type of modules: Polycrystalline Silicon

• Type of inverters: String

• Annual generation: 15 lac kWh

• Carbon dioxide abated: 1416 tons annually

• Date of commissioning: September, 2016

First plant to be installed in Konecranes globally!

Sustainable growth is what drives the senior management at Konecranes. Its the same aspiration to adopt eco-firiendly business practices that convinced Konecranes to go solar by bringing their first ever solar plant at Jejuri near Pune, Maharashtra.

CleanMax Solar turned out to be the clear choice, beating all the competitors, because of the state of the art solutions it offered. Thus began a partnership. which gave Konecranes its first ever solar power plant globally.


• Location: Pune (Jejuri)

• Capacity: 730 kWp

• Type of system: Metal roof

• Type of modules: Polycrystalline

• Type of inverters: String

• Annual generation: 11 lac units

• Carbon dioxide abated: 1096 MT annually

• Date of commissioning: August 2016

Manipal University: Performance Par Excellence

Investors investing in the solar power plant get a return on their investment based upon the output by the plant. over the term of the agreement.

Under the BOO model, the incentives of all three parties: i.e. the investor, the offtaker and the solar developer are aligned for getting the maximum performance of the plant. Thus, the key metrics to evaluate the performance of a solar power developer as well as the installed PV system should be based on 2 key metrics:
1. Performance Ratio
2. Specific Energy Yield


• Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan

• Capacity: 800 kWp

• Type of system: RCC installation

• Type of modules: PV Crystalline Modules

• Type of inverters: String Inverters

• Annual generation: 12 lac units

• Carbon dioxide abated: 113 tonnes CO, annually

• Date of commissioning: March 2015

Capturing Bangalore International Airport's Solar Journey

Taking a step forward as a part of PMO's 100 GWp solar target by 2022, Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru (also known as Bengaluru International Airport Ltd - BIAL) became the first airport in Kamataka to go solar.

'Sustainable progress' is a thought that sets the direction for the airport. As a role model for sustainable progress, the journey has been marked by measurable achievements and inspiring stories.One such story includes BIAL adopting solar power.

It marked a completely new journey for BIAL as it has gone green, without any capital expenditure, while saving electricity costs at the same time.


• Location: Bangalore, Kamataka

• Capacity: 500 kWp

• Type of system: Mix of RCC and metal roofs

• Type of modules: Polycrystalline

• Type of inverters: String

• Annual generation: 7.5 lacs units annually

• Carbon dioxide abated: 708 ton annually

• Date of commissioning: March 2016

Carlsberg: India's 1st Solar Brewery

Carlsberg believes that sustainability of the environment is vital to their business. Carlsberg's environmental policy with respect to energy usage is to strive to use all kinds of energy sources as effectively as possible, and regularly assess the possibilities of introducing renewable energy in order to reduce their carbon footprint.

Carlsberg India partnered with CleanMax Solar with an aim to develop India's first solar brewery at Alwar and Daurhera, on a PPA-basis. CleanMax Solar helped Carlsberg achieve the following 3-fold benefit - 1. Going green; 2. No capital investment; 3. Saving money on electricity units.

For CleanMax Solar engineers, the unique rooftop shape at Carlsberg, Alwar involved various challenges and safety precautions had to be considered before the installation.


• Location: Alwar, Rajasthan

• Capacity: 471 kWp

• Type of system: Dome-Shaped Metal Roof

• Type of modules: Polycrystalline

• Type of inverters: String

• Annual generation: 6.7 lac units

• Carbon dioxide abated: 620 tonnes annually

• Date of commissioning: March 2016

NBC Bearings Chart Greener Course

NBC Bearings extended its long standing partnership with CleanMax Solar when it decided to install a solar plant at its Newai unit and appointed CleanMax Solar as the preferred partner for this facility as well as three other locations: Jaipur. Vadodara and Manesar. Since NBC had spare land at the back of the manufacturing facility, CleanMax Solar suggested a ground-mount tracker based installation to maximise the generation.

A tracker- based system is a solar power generating system that 'tracks" the movement of the sun throughout the day. It is an axle based on a shaft that rotates to maximize the solar irradiation falling on the modules. The shaft starts at 45 degrees east in the morning and goes up to 45 degrees west by the evening, achieving a total rotation of 90 degrees Though a tracker-based system costs more as compared to a standard ground mount system, the higher generation can justify the cost, depending on the specific location and other factors. CleanMax Solar was able to provide more generation power than promised, and this has led to NBC partnerting with CleanMax Solar for the expansion of the existing plant, as well as business across multiple other sites.


• Location: Newai, Rajasthan

• Capacity: 434 kWp

• Type of system: Ground mount system with trackers

• Type of modules: Polycrystalline

• Type of inverters: String

• Annual generation: 7.8 lac units

• Carbon dioxide abated: 740 tonnes annually

• Date of commissioning: January 2016