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Mr. Kuldeep Jain, Md Of Cleanmax Solar In Conversation With Eq

  • Date:29/10/2016
  • Source :EQ

Mr. Kuldeep Jain explains how CleanMax Solar has expanded the scope of solar energy for India Inc by offering customized solutions.

In conversation with EQ, Mr Jain shares insights about CleanMax Solar and how it has delivered stupendous performance over the years. He speaks about the company, which is the largest developer of rooftop solar power in India, and what has helped them achieve a whopping 28% market share in rooftop solar in India.

CleanMax Solar looks after the financing and maintenance of the solar power plants, while the client benefits from solar power that is 20%-30% cheaper than grid power. Mr. Jain also shed some light on the benefits of open access through solar farm in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

During the conversation, he shares his vision of expanding outside the country in places like South Asia, Middle East Asia and Africa. When asked about global competitors, Mr. Jain said that India has always been a competitive market, and new competition does not faze them at all.

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