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Metering Policy And Solar Energy

Despite good intentions, growth in rooftop solar sector is constrained by the poor implementation of net metering policy, says Mr. Kuldeep Jain – MD, CleanMax Solar.

“There are three main reasons for the rooftop solar sector being held back,” Mr Jain told The Hindu.

“The first [factor] is that the net metering policies in most states are not being implemented. There is a lack of follow-through. For example, in Maharashtra, no forms have been released and no processes have been put in place on how to implement net metering,” he said. “The second [factor] is the imposition of very stringent technical requirements, which is not the case in any other country in the world,” Mr Jain said. “The third [factor] is the artificial restriction on capacity that can be done through net metering,” Mr Jain said. States like Maharashtra and Karnataka have a limit of 1 MW, Andhra Pradesh has a limit of 0.5 MW. “This is despite companies having much more capacity that they can send through net metering,” he said.

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