Solar Energy solutions have gained increasing popularity in the last few years - primarly due to increasing awareness, advancing technology, government assistance and various other factors.

The biggest impact of this growth is being felt in the corporate or industrial solar sector.

Now, Cleanmax Solar has proven expertise in industrial solar and has completed over 200 projects across 20 industries.

In the industrial solar category, the most popular is the BOOT Model. In this Build Own Operate Transfer model, the buyer avoids CAPEX and the performance risk and pays only for the energy generated - which normally 20% to 40% lower than the grid tariffs. Operations and maintenance are handled by CleanMax Solar under an agreement.

Leading the way in rooftop solar

Solar energy solutions have increasingly gained popularity among corporates in the last few years – primarily due to increasing emphasis on sustainability, as well as increasing cost savings. Enabling regulations such as net metering, this allows industrial and commercial entities to convert unused roof, land or parking areas into revenue generating solutions.

Now, in this growing field, CleanMax Solar has proven expertise in industrial solar solutions and has completed over 200 projects across more than 30 industrial clients.

In the industrial solar category, the most popular is the OPEX Model, wherein clients avoid capex and the performance risks, paying only for the electricity generated – which is usually 20% to 40% cheaper than grid electricity tariffs. The installation is risk-free, hassle free and capex free. CleanMax Solar handles all the operations and maintenance.

Across all our industrial solar projects, we ensure that O&M functions seamlessly with a process-oriented approach. Our successful collaboration with Konecranes India, Carlsberg India, NBC Bearings and other renowned corporates shows our unparalleled expertise and strive for excellence.

  • The first plant to be installed in Konecranes globally - Under this arrangement, Konecranes could get a rooftop solar power plant without operational or financial risks, and the billing would be done as per the plant generation. CleanMax Solar is responsible for maintaining the plant and ensuring uninterrupted power generation.
  • Carlsberg: India’s 1st solar brewery - As a business committed to reducing its carbon footprint and fulfilling its Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO), Carlsberg, one of the largest brewers in the world, chose CleanMax Solar in their quest to develop India’s first solar-powered brewery at Alwar, Rajasthan.
  • NBC Bearings adopts Green Energy - Part of the CK Birla Group, NBC Bearings produces over 100 million bearings annually in more than 1,000 sizes. When NBC Bearings decided to convert a large swathe of waste land at their Jaipur facility into an on-site solar plant, they looked to CleanMax Solar.

At CleanMax Solar, we make the process of installing solar panels on rooftops easy and simple. The process of installing a solar plant begins with design. There are various kinds of roof profiles like sheet metal roofs, RCC roofs, curved metal roofs, etc., all of which can be used for solar installation.

After installation, engineers at CleanMax Solar prepare a schedule for preventive maintenance. This includes adjustments, cleaning, repairs, replacements, and the extension of equipment life. CleanMax Solar uses only the highest quality components, for long equipment life and maximum performance.

Accessibility can be a challenge on industrial roofs, particularly sheet metal ones. In the case of metal roofs, the presence of features such as skylights, vents, etc., restrict the usage of the roof. Extra precautions are taken to prevent damage to roofs and to avoid any disruption of business operations.